FreedomRail Systems

Garage Concepts offers a complete line of FreedomRail Systems

FreedomRail Garage System

The FreedomRail Garage System offers rugged, flexibile storage to your garage space. The unique design of this durable storage system allows you to configure and reconfigure your shelving and cabinets based on your storage needs.

Completely transform and organize your garage wall with the FreedomRail Garage design.

Freedom Rail is a fully adjustable, flexible, and expandable system that withstands use and abuse over time. Each component can be moved and switched around. The entire system can be expanded by purchasing more components at anytime.

The system easily installs with the patented Hanging Rail. The Hanging Rail is the foundation of the system (usually installed at 84″ high) and is the only item that is required to mount on the wall. To install, simply ensure the Hanging Rails are horizontally level at the desired height (usually 84″) and then hang the vertical Hanging Uprights from the Hanging Rails.

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Inner Space Systems has a storage solution for every budget; from a ventilated closet shelf system by Organized Living, to an adjustable system – freedomRail® by Organized Living, to a fully integrated laminate shelf system by ORG. Our experience and knowledge of the industry is our customer's advantage. To control quality, we fabricate our closet, pantry, garage and other storage systems in our warehouse.

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