Fishing Rod Storage

Garage Concepts offers a unique line of fishing rod storage systems to enhance your garage organization. Ten-rod and four-rod units are available.

Rod Holders available with Shock Cord for Freshwater, Saltwater, & Fly Rods

Our Rod Holders Provide the Solution to Those Who Require Rod Storage in A Truck, Boat, Motor Home, Camper, RV, Trailer….Or Garage. These High Quality Rod Racks Feature a 3/16″ Shock Cord Closure That Hold Your Rods In Place.

Each unit is capable of securing up to 4 or 10 freshwater, saltwater, or fly-fishing rods with the reel still attached!
Multiple units to be placed next to each other, keeping your rods in a linear formation.

Rod holders can be mounted to a ceiling or a wall ensuring that your rods stay out of harms way.

Rod holders are solid injection molded units made of ABS plastic, 1/4″ thick and measuring 9.25″ in length for the four-rod model and 22.5″ in length for the ten-rod model.

The 90-degree bend on the long edge makes these units very sturdy and allows mounting to virtually any flat surface! All mounting hardware is included so your rod holders are easy to mount to a ceiling or wall in just a few minutes! This product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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